‘Lo Prohibido’ campaign

Online advertising campaign on social media and mailing.
What I did:
Full creation of the campaign, marketing, graphic design and video edition.
'Lo Prohibido' creators:
Mike Wit, d3llano, Life After Party & J. Parker

Campaign with SUPRMODE for the release of ‘Lo Prohibido’, a track that already exceeds 300k plays on Spotify. The creative process began with the first thought about what they wanted to say with the song. We decided to choose an apple as the main element because it represents the forbidden fruit.

We wanted to communicate that it was the beginning of the new season of SUPRMODE, so from the marketing point of view, we developed the strategy that would consist of maximizing the artists who participated in the song and then the release of the track itself.

Firstly, we developed the new concept of the new season, announcing it on all social networks and in every format. Then, we started to introduce the artists. In the case of Mike Wit and D3llano, we decided to create a section for Youtube in which the artists would pass material from them with some guidelines that we gave them. We did the final composition with these videos and we uploaded them to all our social networks.

With Life After Party we returned to a section that we already had created but we gave a different point of view to the concept. It was ‘SUPRMODE Capsule’, a section in which artists answer some questions.

Finally, we proceeded to officially announce the track and we created other material for social networks